Written by Jona Nanette / 1/29/2020




Black Mamba.


Girl Dad.


So many emotions are going through my mind right now. When I heard the news on Sunday, I went numb. I stayed off of social media but was still getting reports and updates and when I heard that his daughter was with him, a pain shot through my heart. Later that night before going to bed, I went on YouTube. The first thing that popped up was a picture of him and Gianna. I immediately screamed in agony. Then I realized that if I had these emotions, I can’t even fathom how Vanessa and his family were feeling. 


Yesterday morning I went on Vanessa’s IG to see if she had posted yet, knowing that she probably had not. That’s when I saw that her page was now private. That’s when I knew it was real. Unless you’ve lost a loved one, you can’t even imagine the type of devastation you feel when this sort of tragedy occurs. Even though you ARE grateful that people care, at the same time you don’t want a whole lot of people in your face, especially right after. You are trying to grasp hold of a reality that no longer exists, and everything seems like a blur. Putting any words together is struggle city, let alone collecting your thoughts enough to have a intelligible conversation. 


I’m praying for the Bryant family. I’m praying for his friends and fans. I’m praying for the sisters that are missing a piece of their hearts. I’m praying for the mother and wife that just lost pieces of her world. I’m praying for the baby who will never know her dad or sister. I’m praying for his teammates who loved him. I’m praying for the young players who came into the league seeking his approval and validation. I'm praying for LeBron who lost the only other person in life who knows how it feels to have "GOAT" status and the responsibility that comes with that. And I’m praying for all of the men (and women) that I know who looked up to Kobe with respect and admiration. 


We lost a legend. And it hurts.


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