Who is Jai?

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So you want to know who I am huh?  Well I am Jona Nanette (my friends call me Jai), and I am Alabama bred and Texas fed. Many people know me as the Founder and Creative Director of Jona Hall & Co. Entertainment Group and owner of Jhandco Digital Media. I have written, directed, and produced several stage plays and my first feature film, “Making Love” premiered in Atlanta, GA on February 8, 2015. I also starred in and directed the hit You Tube web series “My Big Fat Li(f)e”.


I have traveled to many places throughout several public school systems inspiring underprivileged youth, and worked with COUNTLESS ministries over the years, including The Tribe of Judah, where I served for five years while touring most of the United States under the directorial leadership of Minister Cinque Cullar. I've also served on the board of several charities and community and service organizations because I love serving others. My trade is marketing and branding, and I am also always in school taking some sort of class to further educate myself on the latest technology and marketing news.


But enough technicalities. I know what you really want to know: WHY DID I CREATE THIS VIRTUAL SPACE PRAISING MARGINALIZED BEAUTY? Well, I'm a big girl. Been big all my life. And tall too. I was raised in the South so being big never bothered me. I was told, however, that being big, dark skinned AND tall was a bad thing. A VERY BAD THING. For the majority of my life, people have given me back handed compliments like "Oh, you're pretty for a big girl" or "If you were lighter you would be perfect", so I set out to defy the stereotype that women of color (or women in general) had to be small, petite and "light skinned" (or blondes for my caucasian sisters) to be perceived as beautiful. I'm not trying to change the world, but rather the few open minds that don't mind being challenged. I love my curves, the skin I'm in and being exactly who God made me to be. I'm alright, and so are you!


I commit to help women who are struggling with finding the beauty within themselves by using my passion and divine inspiration on the platforms that God has given to me. I pray that my stories help to bring hope to the many women out there who are like me: curvy, beautiful, and classy. A very wise woman once said these words to me, and I hope they encourage you as well: “Never forget your experiences or underestimate your power. YOU affect your surroundings. YOU affect the atmosphere. NEVER grow tired in your well doing, for in due season, you SHALL reap if you faint not.”